Are you taking a Quarterly Profit Distribution?

Profit First Book Cover

An important aspect of the Profit First Methodology is for the business owner on the first day after the end of a quarter,to take a Quarterly Profit Distribution.

Let me explain: By implementing Profit First on the first day of each new quarter (or the first business day after), you, will take a profit distribution. This is done by adding up the total amount of profit in the Profit Account, taking 50% of the money as a profit distribution with the other half remaining in the Profit Account, as a reserve. Read More »

What is profit first?

Profit First Book CoverOne of the best small business thinkers today, Mike Michalowicz recently released his third book, called Profit First. This book solves one of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs have: how do they actually get paid to run their business!

The story goes like this: The owner works really hard to sell and pay all their bills every month. When they go to pay themselves last, there is no money left! Mike’s new system proposes to change all of this and pay the owner first. Read how…

New Zealand’s Only Certified Profit First Professional

We are the only firm in New Zealand to have received certification as a Profit First Professional.

certNot only do we have direct access to Mike Michalowicz (mi-‘kal-o`-wits) the author of the book Profit First and the Profit First Professionals Team, we also have access to all the global Certified Profit First Professionals, who are all working with clients using the Profit First Formula.

What does this mean for you? As you can see we have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, through the Profit First Professionals network, to be able to address any situation you find yourself in. We are able to guide you using the Profit First methodology to greatly increase the profitability of your business.

Of course, we are able to help you with your books, manage your accounts and do your tax returns – but any bookkeeper can do that.  Where we differ is that we also provide the most important financial factor – helping you make more profit.