Freedom Print & Design – Palmerston North

A couple of weeks ago we had a requirement to have Business Cards and Letterhead designed and printed. Not knowing a printer we did a Google search on Printers Palmerston North and two stood out for us. One was Freedom Print & Design who we went with.

What impressed us with Freedom Print & Design was:

  • The quick response to my initial email request that was shown by Kylie Burch, Customer Service
  • The design, which evolved from a vague idea in my head, produced by Gabrielle Giles, the Graphic Designer
  • I was able to correspond and do everything by email
  • The total cost of the job  was reasonable
  • The time taken to do the job exceeded my expectation
  • The philosophy of Dan Wheeler the Company Director which is summed up in their radio ad “On time, every time or it’s free”.

We could not let this experience go by without paying tribute to Dan, Kylie and Gabrielle for an amazing experience. Bless you all.

At 2:07 p.m. Tuesday 11th February 2014 I sent an email to both printing firms requesting a quote. The first to respond was Kylie Burch, Customer Service at Freedom Print & Design.  I corresponded with Kylie by a series of emails regarding the initial request and further information requested by both of us.

Remember I did not have a design so a request for this was passed on to the design team at 2:48 p.m. Wednesday 12th. I corresponded this time with Gabrielle Giles, the Graphic Designer by a series of emails regarding the design and at 4:15 p.m. Thursday 13th we had approved the design.

I again corresponded with Kylie regarding the final quote to have the quantities printed. At 12:22 p.m. Friday 14th February 2014 I gave the go ahead to print the Business Cards and Letterhead.

At 10:05 a.m. Monday 17th Dan Wheeler the Company Director emailed to advise the Business Cards and Letterhead were ready to be picked and paid for.