Derrick Storey

Director, Profit First Professional and Virtual Bookkeeper

Derrick is thrilled to be awarded the Best Bookkeeper – Individual at Bookkeepcon13

Derrick founded Derrick P. Storey & Associates Limited in March 1989.

Over his 34 years working in this industry Derrick has enjoyed the personal relationship he has with his clients. Some of his original clients are still with him 24 years later.

Derrick’s roles in the industry have included being the Treasurer of various organisations whilst serving in the NZ Army, Auckland District Manager of H&R Block “The Income Tax People” and for the last 24 years all aspects of Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation for clients from Sole-Trader to large Corporations.

Because of this experience, Derrick brings that extra level of knowledge, and experience and has repositioned himself as a Virtual Bookkeeper so as to fill the gap between the client and the accountant knowing that neither one understands the other very well.

Accountants are becoming very aware that having a good intermediary makes their job easier and ensures that their clients have accurate records.

Ultimately, Derrick’s goal in the organisation is to help small businesses grow and become more profitable by making sure their financial information is accurate, understandable and timely. This way everyone saves time and money.

Remember that most people didn’t go into business to do their books.