Weekly Digest – 03 April 2024

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How April 1 changes to minimum wage, benefits and superannuation could affect you

As Kiwis struggle with the cost of living, a variety of cash boosts and tax changes are coming into effect on April 1 that could provide a helping hand – or further sting your back pocket.

Housing shifting back into neutral

Crosswinds in housing demand are cancelling each other out, even as new listings soar. ‘It looks to us like the large demographic tailwind blowing in the housing market’s favour – the strongest population expansion in 76 years – is colliding with high mortgage rates and resulting in only a trickle of extra demand,’ writes Mike Jones.

Economy likely a ‘slow grind’ over 2024, ASB predicts

The economy is likely to be a “slow grind” over the coming months, according to ASB’s latest quarterly economic forecast. That was due to interest rate pressures and “some pockets” of increasing living costs. However, with strong migration and growth in some sectors, inflation was on track to fall below 3 percent.

What is recession and what does it mean for New Zealand? Business editor Liam Dann explains

New Zealand is officially in a recession. But what does that mean for the average New Zealander?  Business Editor Liam Dann answers some common questions.

Dark clouds hang over the economy – Business Confidence Survey

Dark clouds hang over the economy, leaving Auckland businesses very gloomy according to the latest confidence survey conducted by the Auckland Business Chamber the week before Easter.

Rentals costing landlords up to $450 a week in top-ups

Kelvin Davidson, Chief Economist at property insights firm CoreLogic discusses the five things you need to know about the housing market this week.

Bank’s advice for cheaper farm interest rate

Farmers looking for a better deal from their bank need to be showing up with a clear budget and strategy, and demonstrating how they perform against that, ASB’s rural general manager says.

Tourism rethink needs to come from the top down – and the bottom up

Driven nationally, delivered locally – the tourism sector is watching to see if the Government will take a unique opportunity to reinvent the industry

Government announces FamilyBoost

The Government has announced that it intends to introduce a FamilyBoost payment as part of Budget 2024. The proposed FamilyBoost will be a new childcare payment made to families with young children to help with the rising costs of early childhood education (ECE).

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