Who or what had the greatest influence on your business in 2014?

As 2014 has drawn to a close and I reflect on the question “Who or what has been or had the greatest influence on our bookkeeping business in this last year” I would have to answer “the introduction to my now good friend Gabrielle Fontaine”. Gabrielle is the founder of The Freelance Bookkeeper (TFB) and I was introduced to her and the Premium Training at the beginning of the 2014 year.

Each month during the year Gabrielle covers a subject to do with a bookkeeping business. During 2014 she covered the following Premium Training subjects: –

My bookkeeping business success plan

Grow with budgeting forecasts and value-added services

How to collaborate & hire help to grow your business

How to build a loyal client base and get more referrals

How to package your virtual bookkeeping services

How to convince clients to work with you virtually

How to organise client work for maximum productivity

How to differentiate yourself as a premium quality bookkeeper

How to create your new client intake system

Profitable bookkeeping policies and best practices

How to harness the power of a CRM for more bookkeeping business success

How to add high-value consulting services to your bookkeeping business

I found the training informative, relevant, timely, challenging and rewarding. Remember the old saying you get out of something what you put into it.

Each months training consists of: –

  • ·  An Introduction
  • ·  A Training Video
  • ·  A Video Download
  • ·  An Audio Replay
  • ·  Cheat Sheets
    •   Training Session Outline
    •   30-Day Action Worksheet
  • ·  Helpful Tools & Resources
  • ·  You are able to send in your questions privately, and
  • ·  As an added bonus you are able to participate in the Group discussions on LinkedIn

Each training subject is accessible for two (2) Months

The 2015 TFB Premium members’ lesson schedule is: –

January – How to Streamline Client Communication & Get the Info You Need for Timely Bookkeeping
February – Virtual Service Delivery Systems & Workflow – A Look At Your Options
March – How to Upgrade the Quality of Your Clients for More Fun & Profits
April – Virtual Bookkeeping Best Practices for Win-Win Success
May – The Freelance Bookkeeper Website: How to Get More New Client Inquiries
June -How to Effectively Consult, Coach & Train Clients Virtually
July – How to Easily Boost Cash Flow for You & Your Clients
August – Going Virtual: How to Choose the Right Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Solutions for Your Clients
September – How to Effectively Work With Clients Who Procrastinate
October – Value Pricing for Bookkeepers: How to Know if It Will Work For You
November – Social Media for Bookkeepers: Online Marketing & Networking Made Simple
December – How to Launch or Re-Launch Your Bookkeeping Business from Scratch

During 2014 when I met up or spoke with bookkeepers, the one request that I heard repeatedly was, my paraphrase “Where can I get more training regarding improving my bookkeeping business”? Although Gabrielle is resident in Philadelphia, USA the training, apart from a few wording differences like IRS, check etc. the training is very relevant for any country. Not only does Gabrielle have bookkeepers in the USA she has Bookkeepers from NZ, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia, to mention a few, seeking her training.

While I was writing this I noticed a recommendation, to which I endorse, on LinkedIn from Astrid Griffiths. I have rewritten part of it: “I appreciate the experience Gabrielle generously shares from her 25 year (plus) tenure as freelance professional and consultant. She is a master at her craft and a believer of open dialogue. Gabrielle promotes collaboration among bookkeepers that is energizing! Anyone transitioning from industry to private practice will want to tap into this positive energy! I would not hesitate to recommend Gabrielle!”

To find out more go to The Freelance Bookkeeper

Gabrielle was also influential in introducing us to Mike Michalowicz, the author of the book Profit First and subsequently to the Profit First Professionals, for which we are very grateful. What is Profit First?